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Influenced by the metalworks of the ancient Romans, our design and production techniques are inspired by tradition.

Each ROK Original piece is handcrafted with top quality leather and metals, incorporating hand-polished semi-precious stones.
Each piece as individual as the the person wearing it.

Metal is power, and in ancient times warriors and nobility alike would wear armbands and leatherworks as a testament to their status and wealth.

Small flaws and imperfections in every ROK piece echo the unique and original metalworking process of the ancients, as metals are hammered, cut and assembled entirely by hand. No two pieces are alike, allowing the wearer to carry a personalised work of art with them wherever their path takes them.

The robust and rugged look of many of our pieces make our original designs the perfect gift for man, a valuable talisman to be treasured for a lifetime.
A fusion of modern design and age-old techniques, rugged strength and refined beauty.


4000 years ago, metal deposits scattered across the continent became the key incentive for conquest! Out of this struggle emerged Europe’s mightiest superpower, The Roman Empire. The Masters of Metal.
Iron used for weapons and armour, gold and silver for coins – the empire depended on this craft for it survival.
Leather accessories, strengthened by bronze, silver and gold were worn on the bodies of the most powerful leaders and warriors, adorned with precious stone talismans, amulets and charms. These precious stones offered the wearer a host of different benefits, such as luck in business, good physical health and spiritual wellness.

The rarity, value and allure of the materials used in each accessory was celebrared, breaking free of the bonds of conformity.
Leather was made by the process of tanning, steeping the hides in an acid solution often brewed out of oak bark and gall. Romans became brilliant innovators in the creation of jewellery. They did not confine themselves to specific designs and rules but instead celebrated the rarity, value and allure of the materials used.

Each ROK design represents a chapter of this powerful era.