Armoband – Shackle Hammers

Armoband – Shackle Hammers


This Shackled Hammer design – The Romans were brilliant as legion fighters , this short handled axe or hammer was used in close combat situation.

The 3 leather tied plates here commonly known as Plate Armour, or Lorica Sementata (segmented) consisted of covering the body with dozens of articulated metal plates. This protective design gave rise to the term “Knight in Shining Armour”.

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Features :

All Plated Metals

Dimensions of each plate: 60mm by 60mm

Leather strap: 275mm x 60mm

To fit wrist size: 170mm to 230mm

Packaging: Pouch with ancient scroll and Certificate of Authenticity

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Antique, Gloss

Leather Colour

Black, Brown, White


Large, Small