Armoband – Earths

Armoband – Earths


The Earth design – The circle filled with a cross, four equal lines pointing from the centre to the spirits of the north, east, south, and west – or to the basic element : earth, water, air and fire. It represents power and supremacy.

An Agate has been traditionally crafted into this Armo Band:
• It is one of the oldest stones in recorded history, were used to ward off storms and make warriors both strong and victorious in battle.
• It attracts strength
• Protects the wearer from danger, encourage boldness and stimulates success

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All Plated Metals

Genuine Gems stones hand cut and sourced throughout Africa

Dimensions of each plate: 60mm by 60mm

Leather strap: 275mm x 60mm

To fit wrist size: 170mm to 230mm

Packaging: Pouch with ancient scroll and Certificate of Authenticity

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Gem Stones

Green Amber Agate, Amber, Blue Agate


Large, Small

Leather Colour

Black, Blue, Brown, White